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Travel Details

The host hotel for the 2019 Run in Paradise is the Antigua Yacht Club Marina and Resort, located in the beautiful English Harbour! Participants in the Run in Paradise will receive a special rate for accommodations on race weekend! Share your room with friends or family and save some cash!

·        Single occupancy:   US $85 per night

·        Double occupancy: US $100 per night

·        Triple occupancy:    US $117 per night

This hotel books for over $300 per night normally, so we are thrilled to offer Antigua’s beautiful accommodations to our participants for such an outstanding rate! To reserve your room, call (268) 562-3030 and mention the Run in Paradise to get your special rate!




















The Run in Paradise organization strives to make your race weekend experience as stress-free as possible! Unfortunately, we will NOT have a charter flight this year between Miami and Antigua.

ANTIGUA is served by many airlines. 
1.    American Airlines has direct daily flights from Miami and New York to Antigua.
2.    JetBlue has flights from the New York area. 
3.    Delta has a direct flight from Atlanta. 
4.    United Airlines flies direct out of New Jersey.
5.    Air Canada and West Jet fly directly from Toronto. 
6.    British Airways and Virgin Atlantic fly direct from London.
7.    Caribbean Airlines direct from Jamaica. 
8.    LIAT is headquartered in Antigua and flies to all the islands including Puerto Rico and St. Martin. 

Check online or with your Travel Agents for the best prices. Early booking usually is the cheapest.



Getting around Antigua is a breeze on race weekend! We’ve taken care of everything for you. We are pleased to offer the following transportation to all participants and their families on race weekend FREE OF CHARGE.
•    Transportation to the start line from the host hotel
•    Transportation to the host hotel from the finish line


For those who may want to explore the island on their own during their stay, reliable rental cars are available from “BIGS RENT-A-CAR” at special rates for Run In Paradise participants. You can call (268)562-4901 or (268)727-1732 for rental all year round.



Looking for a little more adventure? We’re happy to arrange the following activities for you at your expense:
•    Ziplining
•    Swimming with the stingrays (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!)
•    Water Sports
•    Guided Hiking
•    Playing in the casinos

To reserve an activity, please contact or inquire at the Package Pickup Desk.

























A valid PASSPORT from your country is required. U.S. citizens must be holders of a valid passport to re-enter the USA from Antigua. For all persons who are registered for the race, no visas to Antigua and Barbuda are required regardless of your country of origin. No Driver’s licenses will be accepted for entry requirements.

The medical facilities on the island and the personnel are very good. There are no outbreak of any infectious diseases. Our drinking water from the government mains are safe for drinking. However, you have a choice of different brands of bottled water. Only bottled water and Gatorade will be served during the race to participants. If you have to be taken to the hospital, all emergency treatments and transportation to our modern hospital will be FREE.

Wireless Internet access is available at all the hotels on the island. Cell phone service is available around the island, however, you should check with your mobile provider for roaming information.

US Currency is freely traded on the streets. The rate of exchange is $2.71 to $1.00 US. This is only with regard to paper currency as coins are accepted on an equal basis. Credit cards are used in all hotels and most stores. There are ATM machines available. The prices quoted for items or services on the streets are in ECC and no additional taxes are added. Except for the fact that you are not allowed to travel with more than $10,000. to any country, no other restrictions are placed on you during your visit here.



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